An Easter egg hunt with My Little Day

Are you planning an egg hunt this Easter? If so, you might like this idea from My Little Day, the French company that is home to the chicest of children’s party kits. These pretty dyed eggs will take your egg hunt to an altogether higher level with their secret messages hidden inside to help lead the way to the chocolate treasure. The idea would also work well as a fun table decoration; think an Easter version of a Christmas cracker.

What you’ll need:
A large needle
Food colouring
A pair of scissors
Paper written or printed with your messages

Empty out the contents of the raw egg using the big needle by piercing a hole at the top of the egg and then piercing an even bigger hole at the bottom of the egg. You can blow through the smaller hole to make sure the egg is completely empty. Next create your own colours using the food colouring and place the eggs in the food colouring solution for several minutes to create a softer tint or leave them in longer for a more vibrant colour. Leave to dry.

Print your messages and cut to size. Roll the paper as tightly as you can and insert it into the egg using the bigger hole and voilà, your egg is ready! All the children need to do now is to crack open their egg to discover the secret message which has been hidden inside!