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New Speckled Stoneware from Minor Goods

The ethos of Minor Goods' founder Zoe Hannam is to source and develop beautifully designed products made in the traditional way that will enrich every-day living. The kitchenware and accessories have an understated design aesthetic giving them a timeless quality. 

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Elliot Ceramics

I always considered myself a ‘white ceramics’ person. The piles of crockery on my kitchen shelves back that up. That was until I first clapped my eyes on these beautiful pieces by South London-based potter Elliot Denny.  

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Spring/Summer 2017 Tableware from Marimekko

For me cooking a nice plate of food is just half the story. What you serve that food upon and the utensils and tools used to create the meal can make the whole experience all the more richer.

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